Big & Beautiful Fashion Academy

BBFA Front View

Big & Beautiful Fashion Academy (BBFA) was established in 2003 as a Home business to cater for the fashion accessories section. The main goal is to equip students to be proficient in fashion accessories design and manufacture to enable them carve a niche for themselves in the Industry.

The Program Director has built a reputation and standard for excellence as can be attested to by numerous students both past and present, she has also put in several years of teaching her trade to students at Nikky Africana School of Fashion and Textile Design, and participated in numerous runway shows such as the Nigeria Television Fashion Show, she also makes bespoke hats and bags; all these she will bring on board.

The Academy will ensure that the syllabus is diligently taught in line with current Industry trends and by knowledgeable teachers who are good communicators. We will offer you a very thorough knowledge of fashion accessories design to cover design and “handcrafting” of fashion accessories such as; Bags (Purses, Wallets etc.), Footwear (Slippers, Sandals, Shoes etc.), Hats, Beads and Head dresses.

We will also ensure that our students/graduates are very conversant with relevant computer aided fashion designing software to enable them make better improved and state of the art designs without the associated stress of manually doing this.

On concluding our program, it is guaranteed that students would be proficient enough to make a livelihood out of the Fashion Industry.




“To be the number one Millinery and Fashion Accessories School in West Africa by market share by 2015’’ and ‘’To produce pacesetters in the fashion industry globally”.

Eligibility for Admission

General Entry Requirements:
An applicant for admission into our programs must be;

  • Minimum SSCE or Ordinary Level Certificate holder or “attemptee”
  • Able to communicate in passable English, both verbal and written
  • Keenly interested in the courses to be undertaken

A NON REFUNDABLE registration fee payable into the Academy’s account. Tuition and all other fees paid are non- refundable under any circumstances.

Special Entry Requirements
Some courses have special entry requirements. For further enquiries, call 08082685191 or e-mail registration (at)

Subject/Grading System

Students will be graded in each course they take at the end of every term with a written terminal exam, practical work, assignments and classroom attendance.
To be eligible for the terminal exam, a student must obtain at least seventy percent (70%) of the terms attendance and practical work.

Code of Conduct

This will form the basis of the students’ behaviour while on the premises of the Academy.

  • Notification of Absence; No student shall absent themselves at will. Should the need for absence arise, the student must apply in writing for such to the Administrator. In cases of medical illnesses, an appropriate medical report must be tendered. Voluntary absenteeism shall not be tolerated and where it occurs for more than half a term, the student concerned would be considered as having withdrawn from the Academy voluntarily
  • Assaulting Academy Staff; assault (verbally, physically or otherwise) on any Academy staff will not be tolerated in any guise. The offending student will be indefinitely suspended.
  • Restroom Habits; no student must mess up the toilets and locker rooms/ tea table. Cleanliness in these designated areas must be maintained by students at all times. Any erring student will tidy up the affected area for two (2) consecutive days.
  • Littering; the Academy maintains a strictly no litter policy and any student found to be contravening this directive will clean up the affected areas
  • Theft; any student found stealing will be expelled from the Academy
  • Loss/ Damage of Academy Property; properties lost or damaged will be paid for in full or replaced.
  • General; every student is expected to be of sound mind and character. Self control and obedience are key. The Administrator shall at all times be responsible for discipline in the Academy.